Thursday, June 10, 2004

paid off of all of that

(Brrrrrrrrrrr) What happened to that boy

Tune in to ESPN at 6 tonight to hear the tone in Bird’s voice when he responds to the question "Does the N.B.A. lack enough white superstars in your opinion?" before judging the response…
On the rilly: Jim Gray always comes off as a dick interviewer. Ever since they broadcast him pushing someone angrily out of the shot right before switching to his phony post game smile the dude was suspect. I don’t follow baseball so the Pete Rose thing wasn’t on my radar.
For now I’m banking that Bird’s dry jab is at the viewing public ("And if you just had a couple of white guys in there, you might get them a little excited'') and at all those that dwell on his ‘whiteness’ in relation to his ‘game’. It will be interesting to see if Magic, Melo and Lebron take it as ‘trash talk’ from ‘the master of trash talk’ or if there’s a collective cringe.

And, hey... shouldn’t the question be ‘have enough’ not ‘lack enough’?

You know the white boy'll bite you

In other ‘great white hope’ news check out Judge Lynch’s defense of Mr. Shady and dismissing the Source.
"Like other white musicians who have been successful in musical genres or forms pioneered by Africans or African-Americans, from Benny Goodman to Elvis Presley to Paul Simon, Mathers has been accused of exploiting black culture; he in turn has asserted his respect for his black role models and peers, and has maintained that he comes by his hip-hop success honestly, as a young man from a poor urban background who has long been associated with African-American friends, neighbors and mentors."
Weird subject matter to be brought up in a copyright debate. But, really…Paul Simon?!?