Friday, February 16, 2007

peedi, you ain’t write that!

the look of young America...

When the host of ‘The Sound of Young America’, Jesse Thorn, refers to himself as “America’s Radio Sweetheart” immediately following satire-ready intro music (“Maximum fuuuun!!...”) and then describes his show as being “about things that are awesome,” it’s no wonder that a listener would be taken off guard by the following interview with none other than Peedi Crakk. Mr. Thorn says Peedi is one of his favorite rappers and proceeds to do one of the more interesting interviews with the not-yet-household-name rapper.

Peedi’s descriptions of his love for old school rap include memories of PE and LL at big all-ages arena shows which his mother brought him to because he was “not a big fan of after school programs.” And he emphasizes that these are not the “old school throwback shows… these are the original shows” placing him at a very young age to witness some classic performances. His description of their influence is classic understatement as he recalls being “real amused and intrigued” by the militant PE stage show. He says these days he’s been listening to BDP, Tuff Crew, and The Beastie Boys although he’s “not this old fart!”

The biggest laugh comes when Peedi describes the first time he met Freeway at a Halloween party (“a kiddie hop”) in Peedi’s cousin’s basement across from Freeway’s grandmother’s house. Both still early in elementary school at the time, Freeway came dressed as a ninja(!!!) and enjoyed doing “karate moves” instead of dancing. Peedi can’t quite recall his own costume but he assumes it was either a cheap-ass ‘Hulk’ or ‘Spiderman’ costume… or Dracula (he says he dressed as Dracula “for like 10 years straight.” Freeway reconnected with ‘Pedro Tequila’ in high-school. Jesse Thorn makes an astute observation when he notes that although they are very distinct, Free and Peedi have related vocal styles although neither seems to have “specific precedent.” Is America finally recognizing the genius of these two MCs?

Peedi comes off incredibly honest and thoughtful throughout the interview. He admits to being spoiled (“I wouldn’t say ‘blessed’…”) and declares “I can’t mope!” He clarifies all situations related to The Roots, incarceration and inspiration, State Property and Juelz Santana, who Peedi respects for not responding to his dis rhyme, not only for business strategy but because “it would be the end of (Juelz’) career”

The only thing I don’t believe is that Peedi can’t remember what Halloween costume he was wearing when he met Freeway. C’mon, Free… we all wanna know…

A slowed down old school style from Peedi on the Benja Styles JDS ‘What We Do: The Movie’ Mixtape (copped via The Fader)

Peedi Crakk – I’m Peedi Crakk