Monday, April 23, 2007

mabuhay gardens?

Hyphy Numpy
Treemix quite slumpy
How does your remix grow?
We got grapes and trees,
Beats, cuts, MCs,
All repping Filipino

Well, I got a bit closer than Fader folk in deciphering this cipher…
Pampanga born Apl De Ap gave the verbal clue with the ‘pumping pinoy bloodlines’ reference.
And we should all know how the Flips kinda took over the DJ scene for a minute; many inspired by Ilocono-American DJ Q-Bert.
All respect due to the beat by D1 the Knockaholik but if Nump, the gorillapino, gets a remix from Chad Hugo, the superstar pinoy b-boy cipher’s complete.

And then there’s the old M.I.A verse and ad-libs down there in her garden…
I guess maybe she could pass for Pinay…? Alright, still a mystery.

But Shannon Sossamon can be in the video if she wants to, right?
(thanks to DJ Queazy for hepping me to her roots)

Grape vines and sugar dimes… Can’t quit (What?)

Check The Fader for
I Got Grapes Treemix - Nump, M.I.A., Apl De Ap, Q-Bert