Friday, November 05, 2004

Government / X-it Polls

fighting dirty?

Being not wigga, nigga, nor Chigga I’ll leave it to those who care to go figga…
But the X-man kicked up some dirt that landed on some Government issue shoulders.
The Warscribe’s paragraph goes ‘ch-chk…’

i’m fighting an awful urge to get into the plethora of masquerading whiteboys who love[?] yet overanalyze southern hip-hop, as if there can be some significant pleasure gained from parsing the individual offerings of guys like bun b, lil’jon and slim thug; guys whose musical cannon is best dealt with in an encyclical manner, like tv series dvd box sets. . .

‘…move from the gate now!’

Gun Yoga can’t seem to believe that the ‘I Heart Houston’ contingent could break out the magnifier and scalpel on ‘Track 23’ of ‘Southern Smoke 99’ or whatever the way we (if someone would dare include me with you Paid Journalist Muhfuckuhs) have all done on the singles of our enthusiastic youth huddled around the rewind button. It’s just that NOW those ‘this shit makes life worth livin’ moments are out there for everyone to read. When someone legitimately likes something they can’t talk ENOUGH about it! The Government workers are chin-deep in it AT LEAST!… and for a ‘brother’ like me who loves splashing in the dirty, dirty tide that flows onto my ‘weeks-behind’ shores, it’s a beautiful thing to watch them search for the perfect crunk-ass wave (Talk about painful metaphors, O-dub!).

Kris seems more interested in staring down the barrel of the canon… which is the appropriate position for a context slinger. I’ll ride shotgun for that, too! But Kris takes the obvious position a critic/fan/true-believer has to take if faced with a ‘joint-producing-genre’ he may not really be feeling. He can’t knock the cultural hustle but don’t expect the ‘White Tees Remix’ bumping his Bent. That's not a contradiction.

I can’t call it, kicko! But I’ll check the X-box just because dude has had the only Cool Breeze blog reference I’ve seen since yours truly.

P.S. I have to say this… I don’t get music sent to me and I don’t often hang out in lounges or clubs… As all of my friends have ‘given up’ on hip-hop, I was beginning to think I was crazy for getting passionate about dudes that are listed as ‘Off Chain’ in my margin. This blog shit has legitimized my formerly isolated tastes (to some degree) by showing me that there are plenty of others who are STILL into IT. It just takes awhile for the some to catch up…. 2005? Houston, we have a problem!