Monday, January 31, 2005

Tang ‘sang’ and Ying Yang ‘bangs’

cold / heat
refined / crass
Yin / Ying Yang Twins

I watched the “Pootie Tang” movie this past weekend. Some good jokes drawn out waaay to long but it had a great ‘emperors-new-clothes’ joke when Pootie drops the hot single called “ “ (which I think samples portions of John Cage 4'33" for the track) which provides Pootie room to 'bring da silence' full blast. Miles Davis would have been proud, er… utterly ashamed.
But the new Ying Yang Twins single (called either ‘Wait’ or ‘Whisper In Your Ear’) is actually getting very close to a SILENT hit single.
As I mentioned here, I can’t help but think that the Neptunes “Drop It Like It’s Hot” track will spawn a slew of imitators… and I think this might be the first… or at least it’s fashionably late doppelganger.
It contains a truly unforgivable chorus that I don’t even want to repeat here. The fact that it’s whispered makes it even sleazier. The WHOLE song is whispered over a barely-there pulse plus a finger-pop. A “Paul’s Revere”-like beatbox and single howl provide the track with it’s only changes. ‘The Twin’ sounds like he’s on his deathbed making one last play for the nurse checking his oxygen tank. But this track is not for the faint at heart… or could it be that it’s perfect?!?
I can’t wait to hear this cranked up to 11 in a club… just to see how quiet a dancefloor rush can be.

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