Friday, January 21, 2005

this was a remix… part 1

for enquiring heads

Thanks to We Eat So Many Shrimp for bringing my attention to Cosmo Baker’s recent post of some old On The Go Magazine pieces that he and Ben Velez wrote.
And since he kicked in the door I figured I’d rush in and start posting some of my stuff from that ‘legendary’ glossy.
I had written a little abstract ode to the DJ for the Battle Sounds Newsletter which was a little flyer John Carluccio and I put together to promote our ‘film’ “Battle Sounds: Hip-hop DJ Documentary.” OTG’s Music Editor/Motorman (and now world renowned DJ) Max Glazer ended up with a copy and stepped to me at some club (that the fire department had to shut down). He said Steve Powers, OTG’s Publisher/Editor-in-Chief/Token Booth Attendant, asked if they could run it their mag. Basically, I replied “Oh hell yeah” with the caveat that I could “remix it a little bit” which was just my way of adding a few footnotes.
What was great about OTG is that they didn’t change one word of anything I wrote (except the title of a De La Soul piece that I’ll post here soon). The disadvantage of course was that stupid typos also made it through to the final print. For example the word ‘unacknonwedged’ should have been ‘unacknowledged’ (and I suppose it was!).
The idea of ‘remixing’ text seemed appropriate when talking about DJs and I still like the way you have to switch your focus back-and-forth between the main body of text and the notes the way a DJ switches between turntables.

this was a remix...