Friday, January 20, 2006

look how they hatin’, mayne!

it ain't got no license plate, ain't no insurance on it,
it ain't got no rims, it ain't got no paint, but it still look good. don't it?

If Cam had used a beat like this I might be more interested in the top (pause) of the first inning (pause) of the Killa / Jigga subway-series (pause). You know Jay has some throwaway beat that will at least get him to second base (pause) at the bottom (pause) of the first (no homer!!!).

Note to aspiring hip-hop superstars: make your name readily Google-able.
I know 6 Tre G is from Alabama (I’m one of dem ‘Bama boys)… and dat about it. He claims to be “the Dirty South Kanye” and I’m hoping that means he produced and rapped the track (with hit written all over it) and not that he pops a pink polo collar. The subject matter stays in safe territory with boppers, big blades and wide-screens with a bit of self deprecation in the first verse. I think the joint is from last summer but the Timbaland-like b-buh-bump-clap can get me through a winter weekend (at least).

6 Tre G - They Hatin Mane