Tuesday, November 22, 2005

listen to your corner

they respect me when they see me,
'cause they know I got that good, good

‘Got Purp? Vol. II’ is properly buzzing Big Boi’s signed and soon-to-drop soloists. Killer Mike comes off simultaneously thoughtful and brutal and Bubba K gives his conversational flow a grittier edge. And although those two stand strong on ‘Claremont Lounge’ fans of the Dungeon Family’s ‘cool cutter’ will happily be playing the vinyl through the third verse.
The only time I’ve seen Cool Breeze / Freddy Calhoun perform was at the Aquemini show at the old Tramps club in NYC. As Outkast and the Goodies ripped it, Cool Breeze calmly took the last verse and, if anything, raised the energy of an already off-the-hook crowd. The live debut of ‘Watch for the Hook’ could never be matched by the recorded version… and yet Freddy’s album, ‘East Point’s Greatest Hits’ is an underrated hip-hop classic. The solid Organized Noize production melds perfectly with the Cool Breeze style: locally specific in detail but so matter-of-fact that it has a universal tone. The stories and punch-lines are simple, the slang is original and the delivery is assured… maybe even, cool. Many DF MCs will fill their bars with a blistering barrage of syllables but the heart of the Calhouns clan always seems to have just the right amount of words, humor and ego per line. Forever known for coining the ‘Dirty South’, Coool Breeeze (as he has been dubbed on ‘GPV2’) has a chance to be known for more. A simpler… no, let’s call it ‘direct’ style of rap seems to shape the current hip-hop climate… which is perfect for a return of the ATL Breeze.

(produced by Organized Noize unless noted otherwise)

Cool Breeze, Big Boi, Goodie Mob - Dirty South
Witchdoctor, Cool Breeze – Georgia Plains (Holy Grounds)
Goodie Mob, Cool Breeze – The Damm
Outkast, Back Bone, Cool Breeze – Slump
Cool Breeze, Big Boi - Gangsta Partna
Freddy Calhoun – RGDG (produced by Freddy Calhoun)
Freddy Calhoun – ‘Partments (produced by Freddy Calhoun)
Freddie Calhoun – Forever Pimpin’ (Never Slippin’)
Bubba Sparxxx, Killer Mike, Coool Breeez – Claremont Lounge

...oh, and you thought I wasn't?...
Cool Breeze – Good Good