Tuesday, November 01, 2005


hold on, dawg, I got somethin’ to tell all o’ yall

Although Matt caught Caramanica and I discussing (hand waving and all!) the fine points of ATL MCs, we couldn’t co-sign on who was the bestestest. We could definitely agree that Jody Breeze could be the ‘next best’ (rank / time ambiguity intended).
The unhurried beats on the Boyz N Da Hood album provided context for Jody’s conversational style (Trap Niggaz!!) as well as plenty of room to play with rhythm and drawl. His punchy emphasis on many beats within a bar gave most of the songs a nice bounce often balancing Jeezy’s stretched syllables.
I am a bit nervous anticipating the JB long-player helmed by Jazze Pha exclusively as much as I love Phenzel’s productienzel. Yes, ‘Stackin Papuh’ is beyond worthy but the abundance of ‘radio friendly hits for the ladies’ (‘Weekend Girl’, ‘Stay Fresh’ and ‘Never Been with a Thug’) does not bode well for satisfying the quotable quota.
But then this old ‘Westside’ joint breezes my way… gloriously free of the R&B. I suppose the familiar lyrics from ‘Pussy MFs’ indicate it’s pre-BNDH but it feels like a breath of fresh air right now. I’m not sure where (or when) it’s from but it has made my week and if you listen to it repeatedly it can do the same for you.
The track opens with a BDP-like dancehall-jack that quickly gives way to a good time sound reminiscent of Neville Brothers with additional Caribbean organ sounds, dubbed-out horns and recurring synthesized tuba. The horn ‘toot-toot’ that shadows the snares ending on the 4 should have been a half beat later but it doesn’t diminish the lively, party groove.
And that’s before you even get to Jody’s lyrics.
Mr. Breeze has a nimble yet laid-back flow that at times sounds exactly like T.I. but can then accelerate into double-time internal rhymes reminiscent of maestros Eminem, Big Pun, AZ and, yes, even Big Daddy Kane. The hook is buried in the flow never interrupting the barrage of breathless rhymes. Look and listen as Jody distorts the pronunciation of the last syllables in these lines to make them all rhyme…

I’m Mr. J-O-D-Y Breeze. That’s what I go by.
My lip is turning purple ‘cause purple I blow a whole lot
And I’m mo’ hotter than tube socks in the summer rocked with low-tops
Keep about four pots
of coke up in the dope house
Roll dro and smoke out
Sell blow in four spots
Boy, I flow with more flavor than kiwi-berry blow-pops
Tote glocks
Not afraid of you or who on your block
So be cool with a tool. Make tunes used in a juke box.
Pull up, hop out, two shots gon’ knock ya back out.
Watch a boy fall like he was tryin to guard Hot Sauce

Although the content is familiar, the casual throwaway style was a nice surprise after the more deliberate intensity of his Boyz verses and the pop-friendly LP leaks I’ve heard recently.

Jody Breeze – Westside (yousendit) (rapidshare)