Saturday, October 08, 2005

Ree’s up, gang!

Guess who’s bizzack?...sort of…
Snake Pliskin-like rumors of my demise have probably been minimal and only slightly exaggerated.

Main reason for the semi-resurrection: If anybody has a BB Kings Ghostface ‘+1’ or an extra ticket, please... do whatever people did before chirping and holler at yers boy truly. I’ll gladly cover the cost and even cover drankin’ patnaz expense at the BB bar.

Bunch of shiz I missed out on since I bounced out Left and then got swamped with my lessons in the Nine-to-five-percent nation aka the Real World (call me Neo Rocket). So I’m gonna make like Feezy and switch up to bullet points… click-clack… OK, I’m Ree loaded. Some stuff might deserve a full post in due time but, right now, I’m just playin’ like Dres and going to Hail Mary’s... run-and-gun steez.

- Is it a contradiction or just waay too predictable that my mixtapes of the year might be by The Re-Up Gang and Cuizinier? Probably indicates my social irresponsibility… or my love of concept albums…

- I guess Lorrie Heasley couldn’t get her snowman tee but she should have chose the ‘stop snitching’ t-shirt instead. Her fellow passengers would have been a little shook.

- The M1 / Styles P collabo has the elements on paper... but none of the urgency in sound (see Ghost / Kiss ‘Run’).

- ‘History of Violence’ doesn’t critique violence via genre as well as ‘Unforgiven’ and it doesn’t have the socially incorrect justified blood-revenge by an auteur of ‘Four Brothers’... but I still dug it... as a B-movie not an art-film.

- Speaking of ‘socially incorrect’…Plies! Has anyone else posted about his stuff? I’ll definitely be back with more on that dude. (Please don't scoop me)

- It always bothered me when LL did ‘The Wop’ in the ‘I’m Bad’ video... when he says “Make you say ‘Go LL!’ and do the wop!” maybe he was saying he'll make YOU do the wop but HE does this move that had none of the swing that was really required for a proper wop (check out the girls in Doug E’s ‘All The Way to Heaven’ video and you’ll be getting’ the real deal). But, on the VH1 Hip-Hop Honors, when Nelly did the exact stiff upper-body swing after the criss-cross that Cool James did back then, I thought it was fucking genius. The ‘My hat is like a sharksfin’ move had me gigglin’ like Big Daddy Kane in the balcony seats.

- Haven’t picked up Fiona yet but the ladies are doin’ pretty good on my albums list this year. Keyshia. Teairra. Feist even.

- Trent took ‘Hurt’ back from Mr. Cash way back at that New Orleans awareness raiser. And Fiona shut the haters up for at least a few minutes.

- The Pharell / Gwen joints bassline makes me think ‘Know The Ledge’ and so it suffers in comparison. And why does P mention girl-Nelly on a song with Gwen?

- Will anyone confirm or deny my theory that 'sadiddy' mutated from 'high society'? You know... 'high society' to 'hossydiddy' to 'sadiddy'.

- Someone please start posting up some Short Dawg joints (no not the 'Freaky Tales' man).