Wednesday, September 07, 2005

the tamale champ

quien es?

This was the Daily News caption for the above photo...
"Rapper Paul Wall is sinking his teeth into his work."

Spread the word!!!! Chingo Bling IS Paul Wall!

Suddenly the text takes on a whole new meaning...

Wall claims his race has neither been a help nor a hindrance. "People just respect me for who I am," he says.

In fact, the rap press hasn't made a big deal of his whiteness. But Wall admits that coming from a city like Houston helped blind people to his ethnicity.

"Down in Texas we're the least racial, because we're so multicultural," he says. "I feel like in New York there are huge divisions between races. In Houston it's not a big deal if you're white or black or Asian or Hispanic. You're an American."

- Jim Farber

No surprise... to the Daily News THEY all look the same...