Monday, August 08, 2005


snowman connects

Besides the music, the ad-libs and being on four of my heaviest rotated discs this year, homey had the killer snowman snipes and then reissued them with the cocked bandana (no snowmo). I didn’t enter to win the icy snowman piece or the faux-blingy tee but, aaaaaayyyyyy I’ll be first in line for a Young Jeezy decoder ring… oh, he handled that already too? Thaaaats riiiiight…on the Jeezy/Jay-Z collab...

Jeezy said that in a couple of weeks he and Jay plan to tell fans exactly how they can hear the record. "If you got the album, you got the song," Jeezy explained. "We're going to unlock it in a couple of weeks. I just wanted to keep it under wraps; after the whole bootlegging thing, I didn't want to take no chances. I'm holding it as a special surprise. We just ain't unlocked it yet. It's crazy."

Love it.
Can people get excited by a media blizzard? People can.

BTW Ian and Young Feezy already supplied us a listen.
And, as usual, K nails it.