Wednesday, July 27, 2005


There it go! That whistle…
But some one help me out on the Kanye verse on the remix… I’m not up on my Muscat selections, thun!

It’s Kanyeezy with Teairra-erra, erra-erra.
Gucci sweater, Louis leather. You was never
With groupies ever or _______ ever.
So, it’s only right you pull up in a two-seater better.
Uh! Tierra remix
And keep sip-sippin on somthin’ like Three-6
And keep-keep the conflicts out of the Jesus pieces.
There’s no wrong way to rock when you rollin with the Roc. Uh!
Let’s get it proper.
Oh we gonna shock 'em.
We back in the top ten.
We can afford things again.
See, they too much effort .
We too much better.
It takes ‘em two months to do what? We do whatever!
Hypno? Kristal?
I mean whatever…
_______ moscato… it do taste better.
I know what dem girls like. I know it ain’t easy
I know it ain't everyday you run into Yeezy

Make Her Feel Good Remix - Teairra Marie w/ Kanye West