Thursday, June 23, 2005

come out and plaaaaaay

real bad boyz (fake 'nwa')

real NBA Wit Attitude (fake 'bad boyz')

It really hasn’t been clear whether or not the Detroit Pistons have truly been re-dubbed the ‘Bad Boyz.’ It makes about as much sense to me as calling the P Diddy-crafted semi-super-group Boyz N Da Hood the new NWA. But misappropriation aside, dem D boyz from Michigan and Georgia have been providing so much entertainment for a brother that I can’t, with good conscience, question the enthusiasm of the dubs. Tonight I have been given a choice of biblical proportions (at least relative to my entertainment choices this week). Tonight do I go to Boyz N Da Hood’s record release party at Club Exit or do I watch Game 7 of the slept-on NBA finals as the Detroit Bad Boyz make history (or become it). I know… some folk will probably head over to the Jeezy Breezy Geezy Deezy show after Billups holds for the clock rundown… but a Bad Boy Records album release party has ‘three song’ pain-in-the-ass (no mo’ show) written all over it.
I’ll be cheering on the fake Bad Boyz but bumping “Still Slizzard” tomorrow.

My itunes search for ‘Bad’ turned up an interesting mix of tunes and once I opted out of the Biggie and Badu joints I was left with these…

???- Do It If Yuh Bad (off of Nick Catchdubs’ excellent ‘Oh Snap’ mixtape)
Bad Boys (featuring K Love) - Bad Boys
Michael Jackson – Bad (chopped & screwed) (by Lt. Dan from King Of Whats Poppin
Kanye West & Consequence - The Good, The Bad, The Ugly
Paul Wall - Bad Boy Freestyle (screwed version)
P. Diddy & The Bad Boy Family - Bad Boy For Life
Shyne (feat. Barrington Levy) - Bad Boy Anthem
King Tee (Featuring Tha Alkaholiks) - Got It Bad Y'all