Wednesday, May 18, 2005

‘milk’ is chillin’

where does ghost milk come from? (no homo-genized)

Futurism Ain’t Shit… Is it a criticism or a defense (‘I wish I was a Balla’?).
Right now it’s my number one supplier-of-things-flyer.
The latest goodies let out the jar include an inevitable Diplo rework of Stefani’s Kelis song and a Dipset / Swishahouse blogger-wet-dream.
But the post of the new Ghostface single “Milk ‘Em (Benny Cassette version)” just made my week. Others have been up on it for a minute but it’s still a fresh, frosty serving for me…
Theodore Trife and vocalist Tara Ellis share mic duties with the Iron (and Calcium) Man as they get with producer Cassette on the hottest version IMHO (y’know IMHO) and a slew of fellow super Cali fragmentistics on an intriguing collection of versions.
Ellis elicits allusions to vocalists who make up for off-key notes with on-point charm. The ‘You Are My Sunshine’ monotone rework floats in over the funkiest construction-site noise since the Cross-Bugs-Bunny-Expressway. Pile-driver thuds and echoey hammer-taps are joined by handclaps and more click-clacks as Tony sunshines over the factory noise (Starks Enterprises?). The minor eastern string plucks provide an off kilter ‘music’ and Tony adds menu options…“style-shakes, Frosted Flakes flood the plate”… and they’re grrrreeeeaat! Theodore Trife adds a splash (no homo-genized) of rhythmic braggadocio scooping his “dairy queens” in “all flavors” and then gives way to the track breakdown as Ghost simplifies his rhyme pattern to ride the thump-thump towards the bridge. Tara Ellis winds up the break by proclaiming she’s “living by the gun” but then takes the tune skyward as a droning keyboard provides the bed for her “champion sound” chant. Ad libs and new higher-pitched keyboard stabs take us to the rewind.

Ghostface Killah with Trife and Tara Ellis - Milk 'Em