Friday, April 29, 2005

spittin’ through wires

we eat pieces of shit like you for breakfast…

Chairman’s choice Andrea Duncan Mao describes the early Kanye Common Connect in her new XXL piece “All or Nothing.”

… in 1996, an emboldened Kanye threw his glove down publicly, showing up at radio station WHBK while Common was being interviewed and issuing an on-air challenge. Common recalls the memory fondly: “I was nice, I was bubbled out, and he was lit off the energy and was like, ‘Yo!’ And we just started going. It was a good challenge. It was good to be around hungry MCs that wanted to get at me.” He pauses thoughtfully. “I haven’t heard it back to hear who won, though."

Not that I believe he hasn’t heard it but let’s give Com a chance to decide.

The No I.D. vocal effects are something to get used to but hearing the Chi young men friendly sparring is a kick. Although Kanye gets in some nice jabs his self-satisfied/nervous chuckles get in the way of the punchlines. Common, the more experienced MC, focuses more on finding flow than fucking up the freshman but he knocks a little Sense into the Kon Man.

You make the call…

Kanye West vs Common - WHBK Freestyle