Thursday, April 21, 2005

this was a remix... part 3: lo-er learning

same damn lo sweater

My Ipod loves 'Uptown Saturday Night' by Camp-Lo. And so do I.
Ian (over at the Kitchen) was biggin' up the Lo-lifes (and directed us to an O-Dub re-up via Free Motion) so i figured it was as good a time as any to post up an old piece on the Campers.

lo-er learning

Somehow Camp-Lo is considered a one hit wonder because it missed the chance to capitalize on 'Luchini' earnings. What seemed to kill the moment was the Camp's heavy reliance on the retro threads and imagery. Regardless of whether this was their true style (which I beleive it was) it should not have become the focus of their marketing/talking points. Reading the article you'll obviously see my love of their lingo and breadth of reference. The combo of surreal connection and ghetto fab makes me think Ghostface could revive these brothers careers if he let them collabo (c'mon, MF Doom, make it happen!).

Although their light-hearted sound was emphasized via 'Luchini', 'Rockin' it' and the album artwork, their radio play emphasized a 'boho' lean (with Digable Planet Ish on 'Swing' and De La Trugoy on 'B-Side to Hollywood'). I'm posting up their darker side with 'Krystal Karrington', 'Killin' Em Softly' and 'Black Connection'. Two-thirds of the SD50s assisted in a little comeback for the Campers with 'Something For Nothing' and 'All The Same' on 'Stimulated Vol 1'.

Camp Lo - Krystal Karrington
Camp Lo - Killin' Em Softly
Camp Lo - Black Connection
Camp Lo - Something For Nothing