Wednesday, March 23, 2005

"real talk"

creepin up slow was a blue El Dorado...

Nicole Wray:
Knew this girl from the hood, comin' up. She was young. For her sake I won't mention no names 'cause she was headed for trouble. Only child, runnin wild. Seventeen. In the midst of the fiends and the gangstas. Like a fool she fell in love with a hustler. Not afraid. Played the game. It was sold never told... so she played anyway that she could 'cause all she knew was the struggle. Ain't no doubt, baby girl was too lost and turned out but she prayed anyway.... everynight wonderin' where did the love go. She says can't get out of the game. She playin all the time and she can't stop but she don't know what else to do.

Got me a date with a concrete cutie at seven PM on the dot. He said he's bringin' me a brand new 'Louis' cause he's diggin' me alot. He said that all the niggas wanna control me 'cause they don't wanna see me shine. But Tennesse Slim is the bomb, ya heard me nigga? She keep it pimpin' all the time.... Say say, lil fine ass nigga, come out and play with me.... and bring a sack of treats... Zig-zags please, not Phillies. I bet you wanna slide down my rainbow... want me to fuck you like a whore. Well we can fall in love or we can just fake it and be like this forever more.

Bun B:
That shit is soundin' like a plan, shorty. It's time to roll with the trill and I'm the man, shorty. You tired o' fuckin' wit' dem lames in the game and I understand, shorty. Now take my hand, shorty. Jump in my syrup-colored slab and take a ride through my southern candyland, shorty. Lay back on the leather. Now fire up the good sh-... while we come down on the buttons that you ain't gotta push. Sexy-ass Tennessee Slim outta the 'Ville! You rollin with Bun B. now how does it feel for real?

Nicole Wray:
One night baby girl took a ride with this dude that she thought was her man but didn't understand that he didn't love her. You could tell by the look in his eyes that this guy, he was colder than ice, had drama in the hood but never let her know. So they stopped at the light. They were smokin' and drinkin'... Never noticing that creepin up slow was a blue El Dorado. Within a blink of an eye through the passenger side of his ride shots fired and she cried. All you could see was the blood flow.
She's in trouble.

Pastor Troy:
Baby, have you ever (Uhh) in a car? (Uhh) In a pool? On the bar? In the rain? In the snow? On the ceiling? On the flo'? In the ocean? On the lake? Ever been ate with yo ass on a plate? Tennessee Slim, that Georgia Boy is holla'in' at ya and I can't wait until I catch ya. It's real!

Beanie Sigel:
Same hood, same mind frame. Am I to blame... shorty's caught up in the struggle? Addicted to my hustle? It's fair game. I ain't have to strain. The thought of her strappin them thangs to her frame, main... she did it from a muscle. I explained, "After the rain, the sun'll shine again. After difficulty come ease. You gotta feel the pain." The 'devil's advocate', leadin' her to the flame. She's no different from all of the Lauras and Tiffany Lanes. Like a moth she was drawn to the light of my chain. Stood tall in the storm, late nights in the rain, not knowing the flipside of the game: Dem boys drawn to the same plus the law put shit in the game. And once addicted to the game it's hard to maintain... Like a smoker when he first take a pull of the 'caine. Plus the game bring the name... and the change and the fame. Once again, main, I ask who am I to blame?

Nicole Wray, Beanie Sigel – Can't Get Out of the Game
Joi, Bun B, Pastor Troy – Say Say Lil Fine Ass Nigga