Friday, February 25, 2005

these are the JB's

who doesn't?

Cosmo Baker has stepped up his On The Go posts with the run of Julian Bevan’s comics about life as a DJ. You’ll recognize his line-work from the work he did for the VH1 Hip-Hop Honors last year. But JB’s resume is insanely diverse… I’ll only mention two of my favorites…In his punk rock days his band opened for this Big Black dude and in his hip-hop DJ days one of his guestlists consisted ONLY of the name of this big black dude. He always hooked me up on the downtown party scene with a pitch on my answering machine that usually went something like “I’m Djing at _____ tonight. Bisexual model chicks.(Click!)”

Julian and I met at the PI in Do Or Die. And he loves to tell the story again and again of how it all got started way back when…
Our friendship consisted of the occasional “Wassup?” at various hip-hop parties in the campus vicinity but changed one day when we crossed paths outside of our dorm (a Bed Stuy apartment building that sat in the middle of Myrtle and Willoughby late-80s crack sales). Bursting with rare enthusiasm like only a fresh-off-the-plane-from-Cali BK dweller could be, I exclaimed at the Natti ‘expat’ “Yo I just heard the ‘Scenario Remix’! Totally different lyrics! Totally different!”
Julian, equally enthused, said something to the effect of “Word?...NO way man!"
We were boys ever since... even though he still makes fun of me for wearing my Public Enemy T-shirt every other day he saw me at Pratt.
In honor of Bevan’s dead-on DJ depictions I’ll play the request of the nerdy dude in the first frame of his “I Heart White People” page.

Tribe Called Quest, Leaders of the New School, Hood - Scenario Remix
De La Soul - Mack Daddy on the Left