Monday, February 21, 2005

dead presidents day

Today I’ll let y’all find out whose world this is and after listening to the hot line(s) hit the hot song. With the RBG squad counterpunching at SOBs again I had to post up for their ridiculously underrated affiliate Tahir of Hedrush. I had heard his consistent productions before I saw him hold it down a few years ago at SOBs. (This was the show where headwraps turned their backpacks when Sean Paul (not dude) and Killer (not dude) were just tearing things down with that A-town stomp.) The Revolutionary But Gangsta concept can often be heavy handed but Tahir’s drawling articulation and beats that bump like ‘ingrown hairs’ always sound punchy, direct and never preachy. I bought ’Recoil’ directly from dude just so I could give him a pound of respect. Only conspiracy theories could explain why he hasn’t had bigger success.
So as we kick back on this patriotic Presidents Day I’ll let Tahir’s well-known ‘Holiday’ assessment warm you up for his 9/11-patrotism-is–a-joke flag-burner ‘Terrorist’.
Put your right hand over your heart… were you hit?

Tahir - Holiday
Tahir - Terrorist