Monday, February 14, 2005

babies babble on, they lookin for excuses

this is who

LC – Yo, B, you heard that new ‘Who?’ shit?
BA – ‘Who?’ MJ?
LC – Oh, you’re buggin’ off that fake Michael Jackson on TV like ‘What!?!’, right?
BA- What?
LC – MJ, B.
BA – Oh, that Madonna suing Mary J. Blige shit?
LC – What? YOU said ‘Who? MJ’, B!. You meant JM, right? The new Jae Millz…‘Who?’ the single... Yo, that joint is like ‘WHAAT!’
BA – ‘Whut? Thee Album’? or ‘What?’ the Tribe joint?
LC – No! Listen! ‘Who?’! Jae!
BA – Look I said ‘Who? MJ’ like ‘Who? Mike Jones’
LC – Who Mike Jones?
BA – Right!
LC – What?
BA – What ‘What?’?
Simultaneously – JEAN GRAE!?!

(You don’t know? I don't know...)