Monday, February 14, 2005

with the ‘stache gone, I’m mad strong

In Philly there are a lot of white dudes that looked like dude…

(Pennsylvania Amish)

... and black dudes that looked like dude…

(Philadelphia Freeway)

Can I get a witness? Coincidence?!?
I’m no expert but it seems that shaving the beard makes either girlie-men or swinging singles.
I know what you’re thinking “‘Staches… Where they at? Where they at?” Well, if the Amish were soldiers they’d rock ‘em but they’re like ‘Peace!’ so they knock ‘em.
Sadly, the Imam might knock ‘em for knockin ‘em.
But a word to the wise intelligent, don't step to Ed Gingerich.
Asalaam alaikum.