Wednesday, February 23, 2005

beans, bun, beverage

Play like Roy Rogers and...
The Sinsurr and Government appreciation of the B-and-B sizzurp serving (not to be confused with TAFKATAFKAP) definitely has me as a co-D on the codeine concoction (the joint not the drink). But if you do partake of the Lone Star Purple I suggest this lean-back throwback tho’ed track that has been keeping me nourished with the sloooooowwwed-down sustenance as of late. That Broken Language boy confirmed it was sizzerved Before the Kappa 2K1 but that’s about all I know. Dem Texas boys’ (Paul, Cham, Boss…) serriously Screwed verses surely get blurry. In this case ign’ance is bliss. Lean into the lazy cuts that crack the track and let that ominous echoing beat nourish the nod.

Beanie Sigel & Bun B - Purple Rain
Before the Kappa 2K1 Freestyle (Screwed)