Thursday, July 28, 2005

back in the building

like ya just don't care!

Re: L. Brown and Motown it’s been Game Over (that’s why the DP gangsta’s are chanting “Flip! Flip! Flip!...”) for a minute…
But it’s official now…It’s homecoming for the BK-to-Strong Island drama king, Larry Lar and it doesn’t promise anything but intrigue. It’s Brown’s ville ‘Bockers! The Times hoped Lil' Zay could up his Q-rating with a coach that plays the media “the right way!”
Meanwhile Former LB Fam claims his pimp hand ‘strong’ (and seemingly tells Billy D. to man up!).
My Brown-Sixers memory throws me back to 2001. Wifey and I catching the Finals re-runs in ‘the South’. Ninety percent of the Spanish announcer’s play-by-play for the Sixers went like this: (remember it’s long Spanish vowels like ‘Ivayrsohn’)
Iverson… Iverson… Iversoniversoniverson… MutOMbo, AFrican… MutOMbo … Iversooon

And then, instead of the futbol ‘GOOOOOAAAAAL!!!’ it went…

Unfortunately, dude was saying ‘Kooohhhbaaaay Brriiiiant!’ a bit more.