Thursday, July 28, 2005

the streets is melting

Hot hot heat
(hipster hits, homey!)

We got that heat. No, not exclusives…
Actaully the heat and humidity has lifted… The N(ast)Y-factor was at 100 and the Baked Apple delirium had me compiling the ‘hot’ or ‘heat’-ed off the ipod. There are the songs that increase heat (“Hey, we’re sweaty anyway…!”)…
Da Roof Iz On Fire (Bizzy Bone)
The streets is melting (Jae Millz)
Tha Block Is Hot (Lil' Wayne from Tha Block Is Hot)
Drop It Like It's Hot Remix (Jay-Z, Pharell, Snoop Dogg)
Make it hot (Akon from Trouble)
Hot Rod (Peaches)
Hot Topic (Le Tigre)
Hot Thing (Prince from Sign of the Times)
Sticky, Hot & Wet (Prince)
It's Hot / Some Like It Hot (Jay-Z from Vol. 3... Life And Times Of S. Carter)
Hot (Missy Elliott from Under Construction)

... and the songs that sound like they were made in the heat
Backward Sucking / Heat Miser (Massive Attack & Mad Professor from No Protection)
Summertime (Louie Armstrong, Etta James)
Summertime (Nina Simone)
Long Hot Summer Night (Jimi Hendrix)
Water To Drink (Incognito, Omar, Anna Caram from Red Hot + Rio)
Master Blaster /Jammin' (Stevie Wonder from Hotter Than July)
Damn It's Hot Part 1(Sharon Jones)
Hot Heat (Youngbloodz from Against Da Grain)

… and the songs I don’t want to hear in the heat (better when things have cooled down).
The Heat Is On (Screwball, Prodigy, Godfather Don from Y2K)
Heat (Common from Like Water For Chocolate)
Tha Heat (Lil' Wayne from Tha Carter)

But what I needed in this weather are the songs that allow me to chill a bit…
Hot Boys Remix (Missy, Nas, Eve & Qtip)
Make It Hot (Nicole Wray, Missy, Mocha)
Summer Wit Miami (Jim Jones, Trey Songz)
Everyone Has A Summer (Lovage: Music To Make Love To Your Old Lady By)
Summertime D.J. Jazzy Jeff's Mix (Jazzy Jeff & The Fresh Prince)
Itsoweezee / Hot (De La Soul from Stakes Is High)
Dear Summer (Jay-Z)
Summer Days (Phoenix)
Summertime Remix (Beyonce, Ghostface Killah)

And against all odds the champ turns out to be the 2003 ever-so-easy-breezy throwback mash-up via DJ Crook Air (which should probably be called Summertime Frontin with Cream)…
Summertime Frontin (Beyonce, Pharell, Raekwon via DJ Crook Air)

But things have cooled down significantly... so there’s a more-than-slight chance of snow…