Friday, August 12, 2005

in the turnin lane

swivvy on the wheels?

The Teairra Mari album has hit heavy rotation ‘round here. The Darkchild joint ‘Stay in Ya Lane’ doesn’t have that ‘cut through’ sound of most of the album but falls in the ‘solid radio R&B’ that the once radical Jerkins sound extrapolated from Timbaland. But what it DOES have is a catchphrase that I never knew took hold. It brought me back a couple years ago when DJ Julian Bevan related this story involving DJ Clark Kent and said phrase…

I was in Rock-n-Soul buying some new shit. Bunch of other dudes were in there shopping.
Then Clark Kent comes in, and the store clerk who works the floor immediately starts speaking with him and pulling joints off the wall for him to listen to.
Now, it seems there was some other kid in the store who kinda knew Clark.
So he steps into their conversation.
He’s poppin' jokes about how Clark didn't deserve that kind of customer service because he wasn't really all that.
It was obvious he thought Clark would think it was funny.
On the contrary, Clark was NOT having it.
Very loudly, in front of the whole store, he exclaimed "Pardon me, bruh?!?”
Clark continued “Oh HELL naw! Seriously dog, I think you just need to stay in your lane! Cuz any time you think you can take ME, just give me a call and we'll see who's all that!!"
This kid started stammering and trying to play it off.
Clark just kept interrupting him… louder and louder, saying "WHATEVER, dog! You just need to stay in your lane!!"
Everybody in the store was just like "Daaaaaaamn!! Son'd him...."
It wasn't pretty.

At the time Julian and I agreed: That shit it was sooo hip-hop… New jacks must be wary when even joking with a hip-hop battlin' muhfuckin’ legend like Clark Kent.

So two questions to the slang experts:
1) Has “stay in your lane” been a common phrase for a few years? Or is Ms. Mari bringing it back (for the first time)?
2) How do you spell “son’d”? (Sonned? Sunned? Son-ed?)