Tuesday, September 06, 2005

CD burning

may get as popular as the Jeezy Snow Man tees!!!

Let this be the first t-shirt of a series...
"George Bush Doesn't Care About _______ People"

Yeah, Ye set it off like a champ. That little moment when Mike Meyers reads from the teleprompter gives the LV Don 'nuff time to gather his thoughts and provide a straight forward explanation of the frustration simmering in the heartfelt paragraph previous... but, damn, did I ever think Celine Dion would not only step up with even more gangsta... with Larry King trying to get a word in edgewise... but actually bring tears when she lets the prayer/song cry?
Right now, she really is the greatest singer in zee whorll..

(special thanks to Jay Smooth / HipHopMusic.com for collecting the pieces)