Thursday, September 08, 2005

k.o. punch

Most folk are going to get this from Houston's Musical Ambassadorsoreal, Matt Sonzola, but if you haven't heard it yet...

Once upon a time Kanye West improvised a statement critiquing the president's attention to a portion of the country's citizens. Houston artists, K-Otix flipped said phrase AND the hot track of the current single from the guy who said it to create a MAJOR freestyle that should not only get play on every hip-hop station but on every station that wants people to tune in.

Mr. West, please take the K.O. on tour.

K-Otix - George Bush Doesn't Like Black People

(If I mis-transcribed the lyrics please correct me in the comments...)

I ain’t sayin he’s a gold digger but he ain’t messin with no broke niggas…
George Bush don’t like black people…
Hurricane came through fucked us up ’round here
Governement actin’ like it’s bad luck down here
All I know is that you better bring some trucks down here
Wonder why I got my middle finger up round here?
People’s lives on the line, you declined in the help
Since you takin’ so much time we survivin’ ourself
Just me and my pets and my kids and my spouse
Trapped in my own house, lookin’ for a way out
Five days in this motherfuckin’ attic
Can’t use the cellphone, I keep gettin’ static
Dyin’ cause they lyin’ ‘stead o’ tellin’ us the truth
Other day this helicopter got my neighbors off the roof
That’s cool cause they said they was comin’ back for us too
That was three days ago. I don’t see no rescue
See a man’s gotta do what a man’s gotta do
Since God made the path then I’m tryna walk through
Swam to the store tryna look for food
Corner store’s kinda flooded so I broke my way through
I got what I could but before I got through
The news said police shot a black man tryna loot?
George Bush don’t like black people…

Five damn days, five long days
And at the end of the fifth you walkin’ in like “Heeey!”
Chillin’ on his vacation sittin’ patiently
'Them black folks gotta hope, gotta wait and see
If FEMA really comes through in an emergency'
But nobody seems to have a sense of urgency
Now the mayor’s been reduced to cryin’
Guess Bush said ‘Niggas is used to dyin’
He said “I know it looks bad, just hafta wait…”
Forgettin’ folks are too broke to evacuate
Niggas starvin’ and they dyin’ of thirst
I bet he had to go check on them refineries first
Makin’ a killin off the price of gas
He woulda been up in Connecticut twice as fast
After all that we been through nothing’s changed
You could call Red Cross but the fact remains
George Bush ain’t a gold digger but he ain’t fuckin’ with no broke niggas
Come down, Bush, come on, come down…