Friday, October 21, 2005

"houston" rocket?

Last Sunday, as I caught up on 9-to-5-Percenter stuff, I listened to (a slightly early release of) a true-and-real store-bought copy of Bun B’s ‘Trill’ like 8 times in a row. That night/the next morning I woke up around 3AM with a hacking cough that would not quit.
Luckily the med cab had the Robitussin PM.
The syrup did its thing and I eased back into slumber.
These rap records are a bad influence.
Damn I felt good good in the morning.

All that to say…
Matt, Ric, Roxy and Elle are doing it again.

And that’s a statement… not a question.

So, if trill recognize trill, holler at yer boy.