Friday, October 14, 2005

tucker out / plies up

It’s probably unfair to only remember C. DeLores Tucker for her anti-‘gangsta rap’ crusades but she definitely chose an issue she knew would get her headlines. She CHOSE that path and so a certain portion of the Hip-Hop Generation (Chang-ian meaning, of course) will always give her legacy a hard look from a b-boy askance… her civil rights work will never stand without her embarrassing attempts at policing morality.

plies plexes in 'pike-istan'

So as I present some offensive and gully words of Slip-N-Slide affiliate Plies from Ft. Myers aka Plies Da Realist (and note the spelling) let us remember the dead Philly slumlord that misused public funds, teamed up with Bill Bennett (who recently suggested crime was tied to a ‘race,’ and tried to get some dough for a bad sex life (but got kicked to the curb by the court).

There’s a huge white-on-black ‘Plies’ t-shirt that shows up at the end of the Trina and Lil’ Wayne video for ‘Don’t Trip.’ and it sort of took me off guard. Also surprising, is his appearance on Trina’s album for the song ‘So Fresh.’ I know, it’s all Slip-N-Slide fam but when I heard his ‘Freestyle’ I thought he was going to hit the airwaves much darker and harder.

‘Freestyle’ exploits an electric bass, a Casio-type high hat, a dramatic synth tone and something sounding like an over-torqued screw gun (?) to maximum gutter effect. The beat comes in but seems to get scared away by Plies vocals. Claiming to be the hottest in Florida it’s clear that Plies is not lacking in ego. He is also not lacking in the ‘gangsta rap’ hat trick of messages: ‘Don’t be fake’, ‘Carry a gun’ and ‘For some reason my hood is plagued with society’s ills.’

Although he promotes ‘pikin’ a gun and staying mum with dem ‘jike’ boys, Plies doesn’t claim that his hood, nicknamed ‘Pike-istan,’ is harder than yours and suggests that your hood ain’t no harder than his. But he does question both the ‘gangsta-ism’ of Bin Laden as well as the attention paid to the victims of 9/11.

…And in the hood we weren’t too impressed by 9/11
Cause everyday in the hood is fuckin’ 9/11
When 9/11 happened it was just a couple killers
You’ll find more killers around this bitch in the church, nigga…

…A plane gotta hit the world trade a couple more times
To catch up with all these motherfuckers ‘round here dyin’
And God, I want you to stop me if you think I’m lyin’
I bet there ten-thousand open cases right now…

Alright so the content isn’t going to gain ‘gangsta’ any new fans but Plies has a ‘nice’ belligerent tone and the kind of gruff voice and stylized drawl that you can always hear across the room… regardless of how loud everyone else is.

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