Monday, November 06, 2006

crakk v human crack

P-Crizzle makes it clear this isn’t some Hov / Cam avatar gauntlet-throw-down although it is not clear if the beef surfaced from some sartorial staredown at a soiree. Peedi’s talk of hitting “Juelz with a brick or aluminum bat” might be overshadowed by his threat of “next summer a little gun up in my swimtrunks” (no marco polo) but his spits on the mic with a cobra clutch: smooth movement with the music plus venom.
I find that many rap fans consider Juelz and Peedi to be truly annoying MCs for their vocal tics and so the potential for a battle is a non-issue except maybe in reference to their respective music / business advisors. Other fans will see this for what it could really be: a clash of two of the best and extremely unique vocal stylists from the current wave of MCs. Both of their reactions to a beat should serve as different phrasing inspiration to lesser MCs. They both have learned the power of rhythmic punctuation through punchy exclamations or straight up sound effects (“Ay!” “Rrring”) but also demonstrate complex rhyme schemes often in an avalanche of syllables. I like the scrappy street angle they both can bring and, so far, I’m impressed with the extra work on the backing track (“Oh Boy!” “ONE! ONE!…”).
Seeing them on the Apollo stage a couple years back made me think the Dipset / Peedi connection could generate some interesting collabos.
Not quite the same… but I’m the opposite of complaining.

Jon, are we wagering?

Peedi Peedi – Freestyle (Juelz Dis)