Wednesday, November 01, 2006

JB's comin' through

Prep yourself for one of the most amazing collections of personal history you are likely to see. Ever ever. Ever ever? Ever ever.
My old boy Julian Bevan is THAT dude and his website is THAT good.
Do you know anyone who can say that as a performer they opened up for the Dead Kennedys AND Biggie Smalls? JB is THAT dude.
You will read about his BK based gangsta rap group Trigga Happy that was part of a Palladium(!!!) show that had the following line up:

Third Bass
Lord Finesse
The Secret Garden
Special guest Vice President Dan Quayle

(You will have to read that story to understand why Spiderman was on the list.)

He DJ’d regularly for VIBE and Don Hills and Frank’s Lounge in the BK and even for Iron Mike fucking Tyson… You will pour over the Hip-Hop Honors concept sketchbook pages. You will tell your friends about his collection of downloadable mixtapes… from hip-hop to reggae to house to disco to whatever.
You will read the entire series of comics for On The Go magazine about being a DJ.
And that dude can spin a yarn as well as two turntables. You will want to read every insightful and hilarious word.

So get to it.