Wednesday, September 13, 2006

one double O percent above the rest

I must admit, I’m intrigued… although it’s only about a sampling of British music fans.

Complete findings to be published by Psychology of Music but the Herald Sun reports the following:

- 37.5% of Hip-hop fans have had multiple sexual partners over the past five years which is more likely than fans of classical music, opera, country (1.5%), dance music or musicals. (I’m suspicious of the ‘dance music’ fans statistics…)

- 25% of classical and opera fans admitted to having tried cannabis (key word of course: ‘admitted.’ I wonder what percentage of hip-hop fans has smoked this ‘cannabis’?)

- 12.3% of opera lovers have tried magic mushrooms. (Well how else could you sit through that stuff?)

- Hip-hoppers were also the least likely to be religious (Thank God. So what is up with America? Of course I’m a big fan of the 5 Percenter era of joints.)

- Hip-hoppers were also the least likely to recycle. (Shame)

- At least 50% of hip-hop fans, 56.9% of dance music fans and 17.9%of people who like musicals admitted to having committed a criminal act. (Again ‘admitted’ is key. Do ‘fans of musicals’ have a good sense of what constitutes a crime?)