Wednesday, August 30, 2006

peedi files

crakk with roots?

Roots tried Mac… and now PC...

Maybe Beanie and Jay weren’t shocked by the news of the Roots asking Peedi Peedi Crakk to be their ‘fifth Beatle’ (or ‘fourth’ depending on who you talk to). It was almost as odd as picturing Peedi as, well, a Beatle.

Nothing galvanizes splinter groups more than a common enemy as I figured the fans of The Roots and Peedi would be united against the idea. I assumed the boards would echo my initial outcry… only from the other side of that elusive line in the hip-hop sand. But I try not to blog while angry (or very often for that matter)… and as the success of ‘Long Time’ calmed my nerves the Philly crossover concept became more of a “Why not?” I am one for Peedi Crakk on just about any type of beat… that dude just ratatats his own riffs over the main beat so why not Roots music.

Debates of street cred and album sales motivations should take a backseat to the intentions (and execution) of the art and you have to give ?estlove credit for having love of all types of sounds and particularly for recognizing an MC that is often dismissed by fans of the ‘classics.’ The idea that Black Thought is ready to not only share the spotlight but, most likely, vibe off of the energy that the former ‘Pedro the Gigolo’ provides is actually pretty exciting. Hov seems willing to try just about anything to get the PC buzz going. As the mainstream Ne-Yo route gives way to the more collegiate Roots route, trap-&-B fans can only hope for a future with an odd duet of the Snowman and the Crakk-man... polar poetical pace be damned! I’m sure much of this has been discussed on the boards but you know there are lines in the sand that I don’t venture over much. Funny thing is it seems like all of this was news to the Prince of the Roc, too!

Apparantly Peedi’s future features Bun B, some dancefloor friendly stuff and “a whole different level of music” from his Intense Prince imprint. Here are a few snippets from the past that might evoke some of that.

Peedi Peedi and Bun B – Hound Dogs
Peedi Crakk – Shake
Peedi Crakk, Freeway and Oschino – Pocket Full of Bullets