Wednesday, July 05, 2006

America’s most wanted

The internets thwarted my patriotic duty of posting some flag-waving joint yesterday. And y’know, typically on July Fourth my MP3 thoughts run towards the Dead Prez and Tahir side of things, or at least some version of Trick Daddy’s classic or maybe an El-P mustard gas reference and if I’m feeling oddly patriotic Prince might get a spin but let’s call this counter-counter-programming and I’ll hope the non-ironic fairly shallow embrace of the good ol’ US of A sentiment is excused since it IS a Timbaland track and the deepest thoughts are about the open road, sunscreen and a stack of CDs (how quaint!). C’mon you know you like a little American cheese every once in a while? Is Tim Mosely a national treasure yet?

Kiley Dean – America (produced by Timbaland)