Friday, June 23, 2006

unreasonable doubt

I thought the buzz about Jay-Z forgetting his ‘Reasonable Doubt’ rhymes was some BS ploy to lower expectations for Sunday’s show. But the surprise ‘rehearsal, warm-up, sneak peek show on Saturday is a good indication that the pressure is mounting for NotSoYoung Hov.
A few more things to think about, Mr. President...

I know Mary and Nas will be there contribute their parts but how will you handle the ‘Brooklyn’s Finest’ duet?
Will Clark Kent handle his own ad-libs and will ‘Cashmere Thoughts’ allow him to kick his little ‘drop it like it’s hot’ rhyme.
Will Snoop and Prodigy show up for ‘D’evils’?
Will the ?estlove assembled backing band actually do the pitch down of ‘The Look of Love’ at the intro of ‘Can I Live’? Is an appearance from Isaac out of the question?
Will Foxx Boogie brave the stage and, for that, bring the house down?
Will ‘Friend or Foe’ be the greatest two-minute ‘rap along’ that many of the audience members ever experience?
Will ‘Coming of Age’ be the greatest four-minute ‘rap along’ that Bleek ever experiences?
Sauce Money has to show but will Jaz-O be a hold out?
When the lights go down, the heartbeat comes on and you're up there with pinstripes and white scarf and a puff of cigar smoke chilling the fuck out under a spotlight on the Radio City stage, will I be in THAT moment to the fullest?
Even in the ‘cheap seats,’ son.
No doubt!