Sunday, June 11, 2006

temporary relief

Guess who’s not quite bizzack?
Still jet-lagging but in the Greenwich mean time and in between time some temporary relief is in order.
This never-before-seen-by-me State Prop vid has surfaced via our lord and savior, YouTube. It features Peedi Peedi Crakk on both the ‘Criminal Background’ and ‘Temporary Relief’ halves.
Odd, yes?
But I can only hope it’s some sort of buzz strategy for the upcoming album. Uh, OK, post-Neo-strategy, I suppose.
Video note: When Dame raises the bottle in the line-up is Peedi rolling is eyes?

Bonus: Here’s Boola (re)making the track. “Anybody can do it…” (Part 2 has the heart of it).
It goes a one, two, three and…