Wednesday, May 03, 2006

juganot, bitch

different heavy-hitter

The papes have been all over the Jackson Heights immigrant massive these days, New Jacks’ City being THE most diverse hood in the universe and all. Regardless of what the debate is really about, a day without immigrants is a day without most of the folks in my hood. But on to the important issues…
Now the Bhanghra mixtapes rep the Jax hood well but I’ve been waiting for mainstream hip-hop to give it some love. DJ Camilo always shouts out the streets he hails from but has moved on to greener pastures somewhere in Brooklyn (I think). So I was pleased to hear Camilo dropping some freestyles from an artist in the Heavyhitter camp that could make the JaxHts streets boom proudly. Juganot (or The Juganot or Juggernaut or… etc) has brought some gruffness over the Rick Ross beat. The deep sing-song intro shifts into the percussive precise rap like an automatic. The dark-drama beats continue as Pcise helps Jug over the “Whip Ya Head” beat. I want to compare the Jugga Man Puerto-Rock syllables to a Jeezy-era Big Pun flow… but that might be jumping the gun a little bit. His brief bars and appropriate beat selection are enough to put JH on the “where ya at” map at least tentatively. We’re gonna have to see if he can throw the whole hood on his back. Hey, I’m not even mad at the Nina Sky cruzover attempt.

Juganot - Slow Your Roll (‘Hustling’ beat) (yousendit) (zshare)
Pcise and Juganot - Whip Ya head Freestyle (yousendit) (zshare)
Nina Sky, Juganot – Holla Back Remix (yousendit) (zshare)