Monday, April 03, 2006

well connected

everything is everything

The sneak-peaks let us know that Treach would be passing through Tony environs this season and although the “Kevin Finnerty and beyond” eps have swung hard (or rather disposed of swing as Jimmy tried on a working stiff upper lip and accent) last nights meandering walk on the path(s) to enlightenment was pretty extraordinary even for The Sopranos. What could be trumping monks set to sue or watching Tony toy with a born-again? Why it could only be Hal Holbrook’s Schwinn using his larynx for one of the last times to school T and fellow fans of the sweet science of bruising on the connectedness of ALL things. And although I hearted the Huckabees Hoffman Ex-dick, I really relished Da Lux’s / Brand Nubian Lord Jamar’s matter-of-fact digestion of the “fact of matter” Holbrook enchilada. “Everything is everything…” Jamar summarized, being one of the best ‘for those that know’ plugs since LL said the Gap was “For Us, By Us, on the down low.” He must have politicked his album title into the script. That album was without a surefire hit (not even approaching the Puba-less “Punks…”) but it did have “Claimin I’m A Criminal.”

And I doubt that Five-percenter Jamar had nothing to do with the plot point that Da Lux was shot 7 times.

Brand Nubian - Claimin I’m A Criminal