Wednesday, March 15, 2006

jumpin jack newsflash

Jagga-man! Cool Keith! R-Dub! Boomin’ Watts!

Thanks to wifey’s work, I can now speak words I never thought I would say, never particularly wanted to say, but now am quite pleased to say:
I saw the Rolling Stones play Radio City Music Hall for the first time in their career… and it was great!

This Robin Hood Foundation concert was kicked off by Harv and the audience included The Mack and the former leader of The World’s Most Dangerous Band. Regarding ‘the world’s greatest rock-n-roll band’… I can see where the Stones get that title. The rhythm section held it cool and steady, Keith exuded cool whether leaning against the wall or sliding onto his knees and Mick did the same type of moves he’s been doing since the conception of the band proving that his energy and charisma is a force of nature… Mick eats whirlwinds for breakfast and chases it with a bottle of lightning. His phrasing and dance moves and tone are always just a little bit off kilter (at least!) but he utilizes this timing to make it all seem spontaneous. I never counted myself as a big fan of ‘classic rock,’ let alone the thunder-lizards still stomping around, but their charisma was undeniable and their every move was fascinating. I’m not TOO familiar with their catalogue but I found myself amazed at how many classics had seeped into my brain… and that was BEFORE the encore.

Unfortunately they didn’t play ‘Wild Horses’ or this one…

Rolling Stones – Miss You

And here are a few flicks from the “cheap seats”.