Friday, February 03, 2006

'Fest up... dressed up

is that him? could I be right? could that be Kid Dynomite?!?

I guess since most of us aren’t rocking pastel collars Rhymefest’s album title ‘Blue Collar’ is an appeal to the ‘real’ common man… wait for it… A ‘Fest of us and for the rest of us.

I’m not trying to dampen the burn from the Blaze blessed ‘Dynomite’ but isn’t ‘Go Out Clothes’ the song that has a better chance at radio spins? Doesn’t it have the interesting vocal twists that folk love to sang along with (“…poke OOUUUUT!” “…Hungry-hungry-hipOHHHS”)? Isn’t the video appeal obvious? Won’t the handclap-driven beat work well in the ‘snap-friendly’ clubs? Don’t the stuttery chopped-up keyboards from NO ID appeal to heads, nerds and hipsters. And, maybe it’s a Chi-thang but it is a catchphrase.

Sorry all I’ve got is the clean… er, ‘go out’ version.

Rhymefest – Go Out Clothes (produced by NO ID) (clean version)

RE-UP: Rhymefest – Go Out Clothes (produced by NO ID) (clean version)