Friday, March 03, 2006

block party

the block is hot, the block is hot

Jourdan and Burgundy, NO
Although Juvenile explores the NO blocks in this video I’m left thinking Broadway (via 23rd and Jackson), Seattle… as in where a certain posse is. Tell me Juve isn’t rocking that Sir Mix-A-Lot flow for ‘What’s Happenin.’
Juvenile - Get Ya Hustle On / Whats Happenin

77th Street and Madison, Manhattan, NY
The Whitney Biennial party on Wednesday started on the block since all the folk on “the exclusive invite list” stood on a line wrapping three corners. Although unfair to jack Southside intersection descriptions to the Upper East Side hustles (The world is cold, the block is hot as a stove / On the corners) the would-be art revelers were caught out there on these NY streets for close to an hour in the corners’ Common cold.
Heat in the exhibit from overcrowding of toasted bodies because the art left me colder than classic MOBB. Except for one piece… Paul Chan’s projection of a mesmerizing short film on the Whit floor did what no other work could do in the look-at-me party scene… it actually made me stop and look at IT. The room hushed and marveled at it’s simplicity of form, unlikely presentation and provocative imagery. Better descriptions can be found here and here. The end of the video loop that consists of colored light shifting slightly from reds to purples and if you catch the room at this time just wait… You’re one of the lucky ones that will be able to watch the ‘rapturous’ imagery from the beginning.
And, apparently, the NYTimes agrees with me…

16 Blocks
It would have been very cool to see Mos Def and Bruce Willis play Eddie Bunker and Mosely. Alright maybe they would have to switch roles.

37th Ave, Jackson Heights, NY
Thursday night, family, formerly of Texas, currently in China, requested that a care package of US goodies include Cactus Juice which American Indians used for medicinal purposes (organic insulin, strengthen the pancreas, neutralize tarantula bites).
First reaction: I thought China had every odd elixer in the world. I guess not. But Jackson Heights can hold you down.
Second reaction: Freeway and Peedi Crakk…

Cambria and Germantown??? Franklin and Indiana??? Somewhere in North Philadelphia, PA
Some folks need some killer weed and some folks need cocaine
Some folks need some cactus juice to purify the brain
Some of us just need to start the weekend by reviving a classic mixtape banger from two dope vocalists and underappreciated MCs.
Freeway and Peedi Crakk - Cactus Juice

Quincy and Downing, Brooklyn, NY
I was at Dave Chapelle’s Block Party for a bit, but I think the movie will be much better.

Leonard and Church, Manhattan, NY
Clipse. Tonight. Word.

Willow Pass Road, Bay Point, CA
This weekend I hope to catch ‘My Block The Bay’ this Sunday as long as it doesn’t conflict with the most anticipated TV moment of the week…

Hollywood Blvd. and N. Highland Ave., L.A., CA
Juicy J from Three 6 Mafia:
Right now I think I’m dreaming. And it’s going to be a clean show, you know. No one’s got anything to worry about. It’s a blessing, man. We’ve been getting a lot of congratulations from our hometown.
Sunday on ABC at 8 PM EST they perform "It's Hard Out Here For A Pimp" from 'Hustle & Flow' for the Oscars crowd. For some reason the Krump Kings from 'Rize' will be dancing on stage during this performance...? And I'm not mad at that... just confused.