Wednesday, May 17, 2006

‘rah rah-rah

might go pop

What do you get when an extremely local Brazilian sound is adapted by a dude from Florida and an Anglo-Sri Lankan? You get a Japanese version, of course.
But the remix will have to be by an expat European producer/DJ set up in LA (but with some Brazilian connects?) and for fun let’s say the beat is a version of an extremely local Oakland / Bay Area sound.
Brooke Valentine it is not. But the crunk influence is, of course, in there too.

I have so many enemies, I can't even count them
I have so many feelings, I can't even tell
I'm already came to a place
Where nobody can stop me anymore

Word. Or something like that.

And just when you thought the chorus was going to drive you nuts she’s got the Ronin Remix out of Phoenix (AZ rising, son!) with dramatic keyboard notes giving her a dose of hefty Rick-Rossian-drama.
With respect to Gangsta Nip I’ll leave the bad puns in the trash.

You know if J-side remixes are this good maybe I’ll just run over to Tokyo next week to pick up some mixtapes… Anybody know the spots?

Tigarah – Girl Fight
Mr. D Hyphy Remix (yousendit)(zshare RE-UP)
Ronin Remix Phoenix (yousendit)