Wednesday, June 14, 2006

tokyo drift (part 2)

- I guess shrines and sake go together like monks and beer (not churches and liquor stores).
- Couldn’t afford plastic bowl of ramen from restaurant row (damn… like 90 bucks for the floating chopstick arrangement) but dug the chop shop and container store. The faux crepes looked like pizza.
- Dope Prada store in Aoyama by Herzog & DeMeuron. Dig the parking lot, dressing room and bubble windows.
- Omotesando Hills Mall by Tadao Ando only makes his churches look better.
- Tod’s building by Toyo Ito wins because it sits next to old stuff and trees as well as telephone lines.
- Stealth Stussy on the edges of Sakuragaokacho
- Very cool Cowbooks in Aoyama and Naka-Meguro (dig the steps in the bench leg)
- Bridging Shibuya and Harajuku hoods was the Kyu-shibuyagawa promenade. Had a great mix of ultra-contemporary with this new wave of ‘homey’ Scandinavia with a few old remnants standing ground.

Two tracks from The Definition Vol.2 Mixed By DJ Agetetsu picked up at Homebass Records:
Simon (produced by A.I.P.) – Street Banger
Chris aka Lucifah feat MIKO 晋平太(produced by _ of Zipsies)- My Crew My Hood