Thursday, July 13, 2006

I love this game

I got a preview of the ‘NBA 2K7’ album that, I guess, goes along with the upcoming video game (not really my area of expertise). The album’s producer, The Automator, likes to play ‘Name The Vocalist’ with all his new albums…

Before they rapped their names here’s who I could identify:

Slim Thug
Casual and Del (although both voices sounded a bit different... and we didn’t get to the A-Plus verse)
Chali Tuna
Mos Def
Tribe Called Quest (particularly easy since it was ‘only’ a remix of 'Lyrics To Go’)

And here’s who I couldn’t ID:
San Quinn (on the track with E-40)
Evidence and Lupe Fiasco (on the same track)
Rakka and Aceyalone
AG (on the track with Ghostface)… my excuse is that his voice sounds much deeper now.
Anwar Superstar (on the track with Mos)
Zion I

We were later joined by Russell Simins, Automator’s co-hort in the embarrassing-to-Google project Men Without Pants. On a personal and sad note, they never went with my suggested band slogan: “We take no shorts!”

There was a rumor that we might stop by Just Blaze’s studio but he was, ahem, still working on someone’s comeback album. ‘Nuff said.