Monday, July 17, 2006

molding Ca$his clay

For now I’m typing ‘SHIFT 4’ but we’ll see if young Ca$his’ maintains enough respect to continue that practice. He won’t be the new kid on the Shady block forever. I’ve come to realize I like the oddly spelled MC names if only for researching on the web. Properly spelled research can take you to a French disco (respect to TTC) or Spiritual Jew MCs or maybe even to the proper MC
I haven’t heard his Renegadez work but it’s almost like being reborn when hooking up with one of the Renegades.
It’s always interesting to hear mixtape styles (‘I’m Ca$his’) contrasted with carefully constructed pop shots. ‘Serenade My Life’ is an obvious mad doctor hybrid but it comes off less Dre and more Moreau (‘see, there’s the Fifty plus Em plus emo style production and hook!’). It’s the conflicted inner-monologue woe-is-me wallowing we often love from the Shady camp. Ca$his content is not yet as revealing as Marshall’s moods or as fascinatingly dead-eye as Fifty’s paranoia. But I’m sure the camp is working on it…
His freestyle lets in more casual hubris and pronunciation contortions than ‘Serenade’. It remind me of a good, if simplified, cross-breed of the clipped-and-clenched vocal mode of Kurupt and Jay-Z.
But it looks like Shady has tweaked their approach and instead they lead with ‘Talkin’ all that Shit’ and you can immediately hear why. That is, if you enjoy the dark, deliberate sound of a threat. Plies captured brilliant belligerence on his stylistic breakthrough ‘Freestyle (aka Takeoff)’ and ‘Talkin’ has a pace and bass that succeeds with similar sonics. Ca$his raises the bar however by embracing just enough lyricism and not just a bad attitude. In this case it’s a good thing. None of these tunes form a complete picture of the MC though. Barely a sketch, the Ca$his persona will most likely be as well crafted as one of his backing tracks.
The pressure is always on for Shady rookies to knock it out the box but especially since certain affiliates learned to play The Game so well.

Ca$his – Serenade My Life
Ca$his – I’m Ca$his
Ca$his – Talkin’ All That Shit