Wednesday, January 10, 2007

taipei’d in full

happy as a b-boy buddha...

These were a few of my favorite things… big bowls of nyo ro mien, paigu galore, the best xiau long bau at Din Tai Fung (twice), eel noodles on the street, Ay-chung Flour Rice Noodle in the green bowls, oyster pancake/omelette at the Shilin night market, two kinds of stinky tofu (fried and not), sao bing yo tiao style breakfast with do jiang in the Neihu district, do hwa with peanuts, yakiniku ‘burger’ (rice paddy ‘buns’!!) at Mos Burger (I know it’s Japanese but I didn’t get to it in Tokyo), a ‘ring’ from Mister Donut and countless ballin’ ass banquets (it was a fam-a-lam wedding thing… get familiar!) including teppenyaki at BEN (oxtail, abalone, escargot…)and szechwan at the Ambassador Hotel (best in Taipei?).

Didn’t try these but I gotta love ‘em: Fried Chicken Peanuts, Reggae Cheese Doritos, International Seaweed Lays, and Lonely God Potato Twists.

And maybe the greatest work of craft ever created: a mug with spiders on one side and a sculpted female figure on the other.

Oh and of course KTV with conviction!

We watched the tallest building in the world (for the moment), Taipei 101, burst into flames, explode, be obscured in hellfire and smoke and we all cheered ‘Happy New Year!’(FujiHD rule number ten-thousand and eightyyy…?) (The BIG New Year celebration for Asians comes next month like I ain’t told you before…)