Monday, April 30, 2007

lo and behold

the camp's founding fathers?

I wouldn't call my Camp collection complete but my appreciation is known and news of Ski conditions makes me think 'This is it y'all!'
Surfacing via Lifesavas is a good slow-bubble move and I hope Geechi and Cheeba gather 'round the fire of other camps in the ramp up to 'Another Heist.'...Ghostface, where you at?... Kanyeezy, gonna step up front?...

When I grilled 'em backintheday I asked them straight-faced: "Cosby or Poitier?"
They looked at me like I was loco.

De La Soul, Camp Lo - So Good
Camp Lo - Gotcha
Camp Lo - All The Same
Lifesavas, Camp Lo - Gutterfly