Wednesday, November 17, 2004

40 acres and a demon dog

I thought the motherland-set ‘Sucker Free City’ was sufficient for a spike in Spike-supplied amp-age…
The key to the Keanu / crooked-cop film project 'The Night Watchman' is the killer combo of Spike Lee on direction and James Ellroy on script. I couldn't craft a stronger double-edged sword from more unlikely elements... and so well honed to hack into the thin blue line. A jazz lover directing scenes by a jazz hater! A man who has become cinema’s voice for black issues, black anger and black love conducting words by a man who has become the chronicler of evil white men with power! Both paranoid poets and conspiracy cult leaders! Both Americana’s iconoclasts and racism’s raconteurs! The oft hated-on heat-bringers meld for muckraking mischief with potential to put the po-po pot in the pressure-cooker! Wake-up, indeed!