Monday, November 29, 2004



catch me in the room eatin grouper

I might get with Tim McGraw’s sentiments (“a place where we can lay low, and the Cuervo goes down nice and slow, and the warm wind blows”) if you take out the credit to God… and I am mos def not a Toby Keith fan (“What happens down in Mexico, stays in Mexico”) but I will keep it brief…
I enjoyed a week in the Yucatan. We flew out of Cancun on Thanksgiving and we gave thanks over a Popeye’s four-piece at the ATL Delta hub that we missed this.
Chicken pebil and fish tacos, white sand beaches and a friendly stingray, Palapas and Sol.
I also got to see the ancient ‘basketball’ courts at Chichen Itza where the losers were executed (with honor!) and had their skulls displayed on a platform decorated with skulls…but who knew I was missing the updated version…

I just got off the court where I was whoopin some cats in basketball,
here's a question
that I have to ask y'all
who be killin it?

all my players in the house that can buy the bar
and the ballin-ass niggaz wit the candy cars
when you get on the flo' throw dem 'bows

I’ve already touched on my admiration for Ron Artest when he tried to focus people on Rodman’s ‘game’ rather than ‘games’ but I really had to wince when Ron started off the season diverting attention from his ‘game’ to his ‘game’.
I had hoped for a standout transition year for Artest the way Iverson and Kenyon focused on the team rather than outside distractions or a bad temper but unfortunately his album promotion was nothing compared to the hoopla to follow. The rivalry that already existed between Ben Wallace and Artest could have become the great court battle of the year (Kobe v Shaq doesn’t hit the right balance) but turned out to be just the opening statements.
I’m the first to admit that my interest in particular ball players and rap artists stems, quite often, from their position between ‘the street’ and ‘the high road.’ There is natural drama there. With artists like Beanie Sigel and Peedi Crakk or with athletes like Iverson or Artest, the hope is that they will choose the high road out of the streets but of course the drama comes with NOT knowing if they will. I don’t excuse Artest for shutting down an asshole that thought he could play tough-guy at some ‘safe’ distance…personally, I hate the loud drunk/high motherfuckers who think they’re more important than ‘the game/show’ on the court/stage. I don’t excuse Artest but, as Chris Rock says, “I understand!”
And (surprise!) The Worm agrees.